angelika nair


Austrian-American Angelika Nair, Ph.D., is a professional singer, vocologist (NCVS), voice pedagogue, and owner of Pro Voce LLC, an international voice studio providing private vocal instruction and habilitation, in addition to an academic teaching career.

Dr. Nair researches and specializes in the use of voice technology and kinesthesis and pioneered the practical use and implications of ultrasound as both a voice research and biofeedback tool in the voice studio. Using MRI, Ultrasound and spectrographic techniques, she has conducted groundbreaking research investigating the physiology of the Low Mandible Maneuver (drop of the posterior mandible) and its ramifications for resonance production, as well as the rehabituation of tongue shapes required for all phonemes in high-ranking singers [The Low-Mandible-Maneuver and its Resonential Implications of Elite Singers. 2016 Journal of Voice].          

Building on these new scientific discoveries, Dr. Nair has developed a regimen of exercises combined with step-by-step instructions and pedagogical tools that help accelerate the learning of various vocal strategies (physioacoustic) and address the multitudinous challenges of sensory awareness, flexibility and control within the tongue. This gained scientific knowledge and technological development is published in her newly released book The Tongue as a Gateway to Voice, Resonance, Style, and Intelligibility (Plural Publishing 2021) making it more readily available and practically applicable to anyone who wants to learn how to sing or speak in a healthy manner and use the entire potential of their voice to express themselves.

The critical success of this work has led to publications in peer reviewed journals, 1st Place in the 15th Annual David W. Brewer Award for Best Poster, Van Lawrence Fellowship Award 2020, as well as presentations worldwide. Dr. Nair teaches voice workshops, master classes, and lectures at music schools, conservatories, and universities both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Nair also maintains an active professional performing career throughout the United States and Europe. Visit